The Traditional Bride… a look at bridal jewelry…

Tradition.  It is the essence of a wedding.

For as far back as we can go, into our history, one thing has maintained its consistency.  A bride is not a south Asian bride unless she is adorned in the most eye-catching, unique and significant pieces of jewelry.  I know if your parents are like mine, they saved up for years to send me off with a significant start to my own jewelry collection.

So it is no surprise that I am in awe of the beauty that is bridal jewelry.

For those Shahzadis that want to incorporate Gold jewelry into their wedding outfits… here is some eye candy for you… (believe me, both my parents and my husband are counting their lucky stars that I am ALREADY married!)

Sushmita Sen for Kalyani Jewelers

That is the picture of the traditional Bengali bridal look❤

Sonam Kapoor in Amrampali Jewels

I love how the traditional pearls have been reworked to create a new yet vintage look, Sonam can really pull off this look so very effortlessly!

Deepika Padukone in Farah Khan Ali

The ever so amazing traditional long stranded sheeta-haar has been beautifully created with kundan and uncut rubies! Deepika looks RADIANT!

Sharadha Kapoor in Anmol Jewellers

The newest trend of gems playing the starring role rather than a gold-heavy set is portrayed gorgeously in this look, the emeralds are to DIE for!

Amazing right?? OMG. Someone get me some water… *Faints*

Now Shahzadis, the price of gold is really high these days and the idea of buying an entire set of gold jewelry can be a little hard to swallow.  But never fear my dears!  There are a whole host of vendors that are doing bridal jewels gold-plated over silver so that it hurts the pocketbook less.  My fave right now is ArtKarat mind you… I said the prices would hurt you less.. I didn’t say they wouldn’t hurt at all… lol.

Lets have a look at their jaw dropping pieces…


look at that minimalist matha patti/sheetapati!❤ (would have loved to see this whole outfit)


I don’t know why, but Pearls make my heart sing!


I love this, it’s a statement piece. Especially the Jhumaar/Jhaapta


OOooOOOo another statement piece.  This set features a Meena style.  Meena is coloured enamel that is filled into raised gold work.  it is just classic.. ask your Nani, she might have a meena piece in her Khazana❤

Oh Shahzadis! I am such a sucker for shiny, sparkly, amazingly unique, meticulously crafted south Asian jewelry… I hope you had fun experiencing a little bit of my obsession!

6 thoughts on “The Traditional Bride… a look at bridal jewelry…

  1. Is Sheeta-Haar any necklace that is long? I never figured it out? I am also seeing a split between brides wearing only 1 non-gold necklace vs. brides layering several gold and nongold necklace together? What is your view on this? anything to pay especial attention to

    • Hi Kera! The Sheeta Haar is in fact what they call a longer bridal necklace. In terms of brides wearing real gold as apposed to costume jewelry depends on the bride. Each bride is different. Some prefer to go traditional and wear vintage jewels from a mother/grandmother or purchase their own set, others go the more practical route and go with costume jewelry because it costs significantly less and has a similar effect. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to go about it. It just depends on motive behind the decision!🙂 thanks for a great question!

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