Timeless Bridal Shower~ Old Bollywood Style

Okay Shahzadis I just HAD to post today!

I actually wanted to get this post online yesturday but real life took over and I couldn’t bask in my proverbial princess glory.

Here’s an idea for you! I know, if I had thought of it earlier, it would have been something I would have done! Why oh why did I not think of this before?? Beats me… Oh well…

So for all my shahzadis’ that want to do something super unique… Why not do a bridal shower with a theme and then have a professional photographer do a photoshoot?? This lovely shoot by Amna Hakim features a Old Bollywood Glamour …

Amna Hakim Photography

I loved this shoot that she did and I was inspired to think of out of the box way to incorporate this theme into a wedding.  then I thought, wouldn’t it be super cool to have all my girls to dress up in my fave era and take professional photos? It’s a great thing to add to a bridal shower.  and the photos make for a great keepsake for you to keep of all your girls.

Amna Hakim Photography

You can check out all the photos in this set on Amna’s blog –HERE–

Let me know if you like the idea!

7 thoughts on “Timeless Bridal Shower~ Old Bollywood Style

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  2. Bridal showers are typically held three to six weeks before the wedding, but that has changed in recent years. Showers can be held closer or farther from the wedding, depending on what is convenient for the bride and hostess. Who throws the bridal shower is another factor that has changed; generally, it is the maid of honor with help from the bridesmaids. Nowadays, however, anyone who wants to host a shower can, with one exception: members of the bride’s immediate family (even if they are in the wedding party).’

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